Monday, 30 July 2018


Lest you forget, the end of the world is nigh, and should you wish to be at the centre of the fireball you need to make your way to RADA Studios on August 7th at 9pm, where NIBIRU! is premiering at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival.

In these times of regression to absolute idiocy and the celebration of mediocrity as an aspiration, miscreants like us who fight the super-techno-DIY-fight find it DIFFICULT to find any institutional support in this desolate landscape.

But did that stop the industrious AVANTHARDCOLLECTIVE? Of course not. We did this.

With the wonderful support of Goodiepal, Elvis Herod, Connor White, David Landau, Anne Jamieson, and Tom Chapman, we were on the up!

Soon the poor, poor children sang for their supper...

And all the way from Singapore, the super-artist extraordinaire Jon Panther sent a very clear message...

Then on a visit from his home in the North, urban legend Tom Earth pitched his piece...

Long days of pestering everyone across the media led to two magnificent press pieces, first in The Wire, then in The Quietus.

On the wide world interweb support for the project was enthusiastically splashed about by Resonance FM, Soundart Radio, Frankie Boyle, the Britten-Pears Foundation, Ian McMillan, Secluded Bronte, Anthony Donovan, and Susanna Eastburn.

And a special mention to Pete Murphy, who posted throughout the project and also added this gem to the archives of NIBIRU!

Towards the end of the campaign, we released the free, Creative Commons release "DISCO MUSIC FOR ARMAGGEDON" on the Free Music Archive

And, thanks to all you magnificent people, we hit the target, and exceeded it by nearly two hundred quid! We shower you all with kisses, and your lovely prizes will be coming your way soon by a postman whistling gabber.

But next up, on August 1st, tune in to Resonance FM at 8pm (repeated the next day at 10am) for an hour of the AVANTHARDCOLLECTIVE talking the super-techno-opera-talk. 



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