Tuesday, 24 July 2018

It's that time of year again...

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AVANTHARDCOLLECTIVE invite you to join them in the party at the end of the world. The rogue planet Nibiru, as predicted by internet conspiracy theorists, crashes into earth, and NIBIRU! presents society collapsing into the black-hole and having a wail of a time as it does so.

There are many ways to join the party. On August 6th you can join us in building a giant capitalism mother-monster. On August 7th you could be part of the cast if you like – drop us a line – and, of course, you can come and see it.

BUT, times are hard for sailors, and AVANTHARDCOLLECTIVE needs your help to make this show happen. We are looking to make £1000 to cover rehearsal space, marketing, set materials, art supplies, transport costs for our wonderful performers, and costumes. £1000 covers the bare minimum needed to get this show on in the way we want to, but we are more than happy to exceed the goal and for once stop being artists who always have to cut a million corners because they don't have a trust fund. That is to say, past productions like “The Third Policeman” and “Gargantua” were done on budgets of about £500 – wouldn't you be curious to see what we could do if we had £10,000? YES. Yes you would.

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