Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Now That's What I Call Excessive Entertainment Top Ten Musica Magica Antifascisti

Each song is made entirely from the ingredients listed.
(Editing and Pitch-Shifting, nothing else.) 

Computer music magic spells - Reconstituted music.

Music will be reconstituted or not at all.

(21st century music is best served tinned).

My highest compliments to the magicians of

This is for you

It is also for everyone
and to all songwriters
you will write better songs
(which is a good wish, don't take it badly).

 And of course the old cliché of who owns the composition now etc, etc
BUT we still don't seem to have come to any vaguely adult understanding
of copyright law and how imitation moves on cultures.

Remember when the internet was good...?

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