Thursday, 21 June 2018

NIBIRU! Call for performers!

Greetings Apocalyptians!

I am inviting you to join the Avant Hard Collective at the end of the world. We are presenting NIBIRU!, a techno spoken-word opera about the end of the time, social networking, the collapse of Western civilisation, the office, the supermarket, the widespread descent into Fascism, and the vicious venom lurking beneath the family unit. Sounds fun? It is!

God attempts to shoplift, astronauts visit Tesco, ritual sacrifices, terrible children, protests, riots, and a giant, very happy, dancing celestial body. Join the cast of NIBIRU! and enter realms of the fun. You can be a policeman, cardinal, spaceman, housewife, constellation, statesman, there is space in this production to be almost anything from the domestic to the cosmic.

Rehearsal time will be minimal, with most performers required only on the day of production (August 7th, at RADA Studios).

Listen to the album NIBIRU! on which the show is based.

This project is a continuation of the wholesome community spirit of last year's production "The United Kingdom of Earth: A Brexit Apocalypse", where we reached out to the public of Rotterdam, London and Glasgow to create a wild, unkempt pantomime of the horrors of patriotism. And look how much fun everybody had! 

Join the cast of NIBIRU! at Tete a Tete: The Opera Festival, because you're worth it.

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